Use Fewer Fonts Top

January 5, 2011


When I made the cling film dress it was hard to take apart without ruining it, so I made this top aswell. The basis material is made from layers of cellotape onto one another and I even made cellotape buttons so that everything would be translucent. I then placed the letters on top and layered more tape so that they became a part of the top itself. One of the rules of typography, use fewer fonts. Too many fonts/typefaces can be confusing and quite irritating really so I feel that my overly ‘fonted’ top portrays this rule well.

December 2, 2010

People become so wrapped up in labels and brands these days that a piece of clothing could be totally ridiculous looking but because it has a certain brand of label then people go crazy for it. ie Lady Ga Ga’s ‘meat’ dress! She is one of the biggest culprits, although in her case it’s all part of the show which I can understand!

One of the ideas I had at the beginning of this project was creating outfits totally out of labels. Although i spent most of my time on the other ideas i decided to do a couple of sketches using this one. Here is the ‘Prada’ dress and the ‘Gucci’ dress along with the rough sketches.


The Bodoni Skirt

December 2, 2010

Legibility is one of the key factors and it is one of the biggest mistakes some design students make. If your message is illegible then it’s not getting across is it? The ‘Bodoni’ skirt shows how easily type can become illegible and how easily the message can become mixed up!

December 2, 2010

Don’t forget the Type rules!

The ‘invisible’ dress with only the Type to see, meaning the most important thing in the design is the Typography. And here the message is important too. Regardless of everything else in the design the Typography is the most important, and if its right everything else will follow.




Getting dressed

December 1, 2010

Slowly but surely I will have enough type to make some clothing! The rules of typography are so important as we all know. But we always seem to misplace one or two of them when designing. Alot of creative people have a photographic/visual memory so I want to create some memorable pieces which will help with typographical rules.

experimenting and progress

November 30, 2010

Initial thoughts

November 30, 2010

Type instead of clothes?—-People use **!!??##!! instead of curse words could these be used instead of showing explicit images? covering ‘private’ parts?——–Tattoed clothing, do we even need clothing? body painting—–Labels as clothing- People are so obsessed with brand names and ‘labels’ could they be the  clothes themselves?—-Rules of typography- when we wear a shirt thats too small the buttons stretch and it looks bad, this goes for type too, if we stretch a typeface it looks terrible can clothing be made from these rules, a top made fom ‘don’t stretch type’—I would like to develop these ideas and choose one which i feel is the strongest. I like the Typography rules so far. Here are some images I have found for research.

I really like this one because the Type is not obvious at first then we see it up close. I would love to have the time to do something like this.

Subtle and beautiful.