Use Fewer Fonts Top

January 5, 2011


When I made the cling film dress it was hard to take apart without ruining it, so I made this top aswell. The basis material is made from layers of cellotape onto one another and I even made cellotape buttons so that everything would be translucent. I then placed the letters on top and layered more tape so that they became a part of the top itself. One of the rules of typography, use fewer fonts. Too many fonts/typefaces can be confusing and quite irritating really so I feel that my overly ‘fonted’ top portrays this rule well.


2 Responses to “Use Fewer Fonts Top”

  1. hello, my name is bea and I’m currently doing me textiles exam for my GCSE level. I am studying the theme of ‘letters’ and stumbled up on your work and would like to include you in my artist research segment but not without your permission of course. Please write back as I would love to include your work in my research as it will help me greatly:) thank you for considering too.

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