Initial thoughts

November 30, 2010

Type instead of clothes?—-People use **!!??##!! instead of curse words could these be used instead of showing explicit images? covering ‘private’ parts?——–Tattoed clothing, do we even need clothing? body painting—–Labels as clothing- People are so obsessed with brand names and ‘labels’ could they be the  clothes themselves?—-Rules of typography- when we wear a shirt thats too small the buttons stretch and it looks bad, this goes for type too, if we stretch a typeface it looks terrible can clothing be made from these rules, a top made fom ‘don’t stretch type’—I would like to develop these ideas and choose one which i feel is the strongest. I like the Typography rules so far. Here are some images I have found for research.

I really like this one because the Type is not obvious at first then we see it up close. I would love to have the time to do something like this.

Subtle and beautiful.


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