stills from interview

November 19, 2010

Here are a few images to show how I was experimenting with imagery from one of the interviews. I want to show the movements and expressions that I witnessed during the interview. Jay (a previous tutor of mine) is very much an extrovert and a very animated speaker, so interviewing him was a pleasure.

 I remember being in classes with him and he always went off on tangents of his experiences in the design industry and in life in general and I always found him so interesting to listen to and watch. So I thought he would be the perfect candidate for an interview.

Here Jay talks a lot about his early childhood and a few experiences he had. One of them being as simple as going to the toilet on the train and recalling a ‘red spot’ on the toilet where, in his words, ‘I guess it was something to aim at’ This in itself is something very visual so while in these first few images I haven’t used it, I think it would be a fascinating image for my publication.

I tried a number of different techniques when editing to find something that would fit my piece of text perfectly. I also want to set a mood in the piece and would like it to be classy and simplistic. I’m not too fond of editorial pieces which are overwhelming and illegible.


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