The tower of Babel

October 13, 2010

Perhaps a bit in depth but this is one of my first findings when researching the tower of babel. There are alot of questions regarding this subject. The translation of the word ‘Babel’ means ‘Gate of god’. There are a number of different thoeries regarding the meaning of the story and here is one of them.

The city of Babylon was inhabited with descendants from Noah and the great flood, where, they believed, the Gods had all but wiped out life on Earth.

The tower was a statement of their triumph in the face of adversity, and a challenge to their God – they would not cower from God but ascend to challenge them – in an attempt to show their might and potentially deter any further attack.

A second theory is that the tower could have been a central religious place or meeting point for people to seek sanctuary in times of adversity of attack “lest they be scattered”.

However, it begs the question, if the tower was for religious purposes, why then would the tower have brought about the wrath of God?

If however, the tower was a religious building whose intent was to expose man to the mystery of the heavens and the greatness of God – which was within man, ie man as God – as much of the “new age” philosophy is currently purporting may explain the wrath.

One purpose of the tower appears to be the civilisation wanting to “make a name for themselves” -man attempting to share in the Glory of God.

And another few theories that I came across are the following.

  • Some have taken the statement that the tower of Babel was constructed to reach the heavens as a literal concept – ie a construct that housed, or was itself, a type of spacecraft which could literally reach the heavens.
  • Some have theorised that the tower was a communications device – to either communicate with other humans around the globe who escaped the flood – or, perhaps even with Gods within the universe.
  • The tower housed, or was itself, a weapon of mass destruction – to wage war upon any earthly or spiritual opponent of Babylon.


  • The tower was a statement of mankind’s wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the earth, sciences. A demonstration of the power of man – with collective consciousness, man was all powerful and could achieve anything.


  • The tower was a commercial trading centre within the heart of the ancient city – a shrine to commercialism over spirituality.

Ref: Suzanne Hays at


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