October 13, 2010

This poster is from the ‘CPR N More’ company. Personally I feel that posters like this one are extremely unhelpful and a bit of a time waster when it comes to an emergency. When you are in the situation where a persons life is at stake you do not want to takt the time to read lines and lines of text which may just confuse you even more. A simple solution would be a clear set of images that are easy to follow. Below is another poster from the same company, so much text! How can this be helpful?

A really simple yet good idea! Clearly shows the motions that you go through to do CPR along with written explanations. This is definatly one of the best CPR ‘informative adverts’ that I have seen whilst researching.

Super sexy CPR! Well an interesting image and very eye catching, especially for the guys out there! Although its a cool image its not very informative or helpful in an emergency, actually may even be a bit distracting!


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